Redspark – Secrets to Enhance User Experience

For instance think you are customer. How will you select best product? What qualities you will consider before buying? These questions are quite tricky. But generally people get attracted by appearance of the product. Quality and features are something that we can feel, but the appearance is something that attracts customers. Hire expert web or graphic designers, these techies know users mind, which colors are good for niche industries. Potential customers get influenced with the appearance and roll out all the pages of your website.

To know more one has to think from users perspective. Never design a website from functionalities perspective, think as you are user and what you like in the website. The appearance of website should be good user friendly that makes user happy. If your web disappoints user then user will never revisit it. Or the chances are very less.

Updates are key in the industry, reach out your visitors with small animations. Animation or visuals will attract more to people will be more appealing. Good looking animation will:

  • Communicate and provide feedback.
  • Enhance the sense of direct manipulation.
  • Help people visualize the results of their actions.

As we discussed, think from users perspective. How do users feel while landing your web page using different screen. Do your products have impact on users mind. Animations, micro details with good verbiage will enhance users interest. Squeeze pages will spark an idea to fill it. Squeeze pages best for those who have less time and will solve the purpose by filling up the form. Having less fields on form will enhance users to fill it just once.

  1. Website Progress Status:
    Don’t lower your impression in front of user. Make your website best from users point of view. The system should respond immediately at right time. Some time it happens system might take time to complete the query.

    The front end should keep user updated about what is going on by graphics, or some background music or sound, or showing percentage of process. Even process failed should also be delivered in best way that will not embarrass user.

  2. Special Attention on Change’s:
    In order to make web more professional, and look decent many time people replace buttons. Hightlight or show notification so that user can see it. Micro interactions will hold the attention of usersn and won’t let them move to somewhere else.
  3. Clear Navigation:
    Think for users having smart phones and watches, more people are moving to small screens. Make clear navigation’s facilitate users, with everything that is available on a web page.
  4. Non-Standard Layouts:
    Continuing with the previous examples, micro-interactions should help users understand how to interact with uncommon layouts without unnecessary confusion. Photos flipping forward, scrolling graphs, and rotating characters are all great options:
  5. Call To Action:
    Apart from helping a user effectively interact with an application, micro-interactions have the power to encourage users to actually interact: keep on browsing, like, or share content, just because it’s attractive and they don’t want to leave:
  6. Visualize Input:
    Data input is one of the most important elements of any application. The quality results users get depends on the data input. As a rule, it is pretty boring, but micro-interactions turn this process into something special:
  7. Make Tutorials Come Alive:
    And of course, animations can help educate users after the launch of an application by highlighting basic features and controls needed for further usage without a hitch.

    So, if you value your user experience, polish your interface from A to Z, spicing it up with micro-interactions and animations. It will breathe life into your project. Attention to each and every detail is key to your success making human-computer interaction easy to use.

How mobile application development helps online businesses?

The world is moving very fast and the new inventions of technologies have facilitated users tremendously. People now don’t have to depend on computers and laptops for surfing. The trend has changed now most of user check their emails on smart phones & tablets. According to survey conducted in January 2014 approximately 65% of users check their emails on smart phones that is really good news. Today majority of people are downloading mobile applications, it is easier to use mobile apps instead of websites.

The importance of using smartphones & tablets is, the users can access internet anytime & anywhere. The number of users are more than the survey and expectations. On daily basis “N” number of devices are sold and it is continuously increasing.

With the help of smartphones and tablets one can access anything from world wide web. One doesn’t have to wait for going home, start computer and on the computers. Users can use smartphones for browsing, sending emails, connecting friends on social media etc. One can access email if he is traveling or are on the road.

People might have question about what about the website that are created before the emergence of mobile devices. Those websites needs to be responsive web applications that can be accessed with mobile, tablets & ipads. The websites that are not responsive there are full chances of losing potential customers. These websites don’t look user friendly some portion of website are crooked, users cannot access other pages also. No business will wish to loose customers who due to little technical problems.

Business that deals with online transactions like e-commerce solutions has to update website with the changing trend. It is well known that smartphone users are often using mobile devices for browsing their requirements. The e-commerce websites are now developing mobile applications for android & iOS.

The benefit of having mobile friendly or responsive website is the users can access the website easily and buy’s the product. Where as if the website is not accessible on mobile device then the user is definitely going to move competitors website. Responsive websites can be browsed comfortably user can navigate and use it.

Clean clear & user friendly mobile websites will gain users interest. Like other websites mobile websites mobile websites should highlight contact us & about us buttons. By designing a responsive website one can intensify online presence of business results into increase in return on investment. So why to waste time and loose potential customers. Design responsive web applications with professional website developers and convert your old website to responsive website.