Avail Opencart Ecommerce Development a Feature-Rich Ecommerce Website

Opencart Ecommerce Development is currently one of the most popular shopping cart systems which are preferred by many small to mid-sized and large businesses for developing an eCommerce website. Packed in with an ample number of features, Opencart forms the most sophisticated and feature-rich software for designing a store that meets any type of business requirement. Opencart is the most effective eCommerce solution offering a user-friendly interface for a convenient and hassle free shopping experience to users. If you are looking to install Opencart on your website, there are a few things you ought to know about it. Some of which are listed below for you to have a look-

Opencart Ecommerce Development Platform is a reliable, stable and secure platform It is SEO friendly Supports extensive entries of products User-friendly and cost effective Supports multiple currencies and languages Restore and Back-up tool available

Supports Search engine optimization for products as well as categories Provides complete support to admin for managing and integrating templates When compared to other eCommerce platforms, Opencart Ecommerce Development is considered one of the best as it offers an enriching and hassle-free experience to the users. The websites developed on this platform functions with speed and accuracy. Its framework is such that websites can be developed with client’s needs. Another important feature of Opencart is that the web pages developed on this platform gets translated into other languages quickly. So, whether you are looking to convert your eCommerce site into another platform or want to get a new website for your business, you can opt for Opencart. There are various eCommerce development companies where you can go for availing the best Opencart development services. If you are confused on what all services you need for OpenCart, then please take a look below.

Opencart Ecommerce Development services can be categorized as- Opencart custom extension creation- By availing these services, one can develop modules or functional plugins that are meant to improve the processing of an Opencart website. Some of the most popular plugins for Opencart include Opencart One Page Super checkout and OpenCart Abandoned Cart. Each of these plugins serves to maximize the conversions on your store. There are various companies which provide Opencart module development services at cost effective price rates. Contact them to know more about Opencart modules. Opencart custom design- Get a custom built, search engine friendly, the website designed to take your eCommerce business to the next level. Opencart Installation/upgrade service- Get your Opencart store upgraded to the latest version by a configuration of the database. Opencart theme Design and Development- Get user-friendly and interactive Opencart themes for your eCommerce website by availing theme development services for Opencart. Choose from a wide variety of Opencart themes and get the one which suits your business requirement. Opencart Support and Maintenance services- It is always good to update your online store with the latest emerging versions to protect your system against security vulnerabilities and to avoid unnecessary hurdles. Opencart support services also include fixing installation issues with local support which normally occur during Opencart configuration and installation. Other than this, you can also fix up-gradation issues by availing Opencart support services. Opencart Payment Gateway Integration- Adding more than one payment solution provides customers a choice while checking out and thereby it reduces the risk of bounce rates. Payment gateway integration services at Opencart are aimed at adding more than one payment solution to your website. These are some of the highlights of Opencart services which are mainly provided by various eCommerce companies. All you need to do before going for any of these services, a state in your website requirements and then go for the one which is designed specifically for your needs.

Why Loading Time is Vital Point for Ecommerce Website Development?

It is essential to take care of the page loading time of any website. The Page loading time for any website including ecommerce site needs to be as low as possible because user experience depends on the loading time. Any website must have all the features to engage visitors on it. But, if the website becomes slow to load, then all the fancy appealing will fail to attract visitors towards the website. According to the statistical report, any visitor would not stay more than 3 minutes on a slow website. So, overall a slow loading website means you will get bad user experience as well as lower Search Engine ranking.

There are so many important things that depend on the loading time of the website which need to be thoroughly checked by any professional website development company:

  1. If the website is not properly designed and developed as a responsive way, then mobile users may face the problems. According to research, 73% of Mobile internet users face slow loading website issues on their mobile devices.
  2. 51% mobile users face problem due to non responsive website, loading time error while surfing the website.
  3. Maximum website visitors not have too much patience to wait until the website load properly. Survey shows that approximately 3% visitors not even wait more than 1 second, while 15% can wait up to 20 second and 30% can wait up to 10 second.
  4. 11% of the visitors say that website loading time is slower in a mobile device as compare to desktop computer.
  5. For such ecommerce website which has high profit rates daily like 100000 per day, slow loading time for those sites could mean high potential loss of 2.5 million.
  6. Even, for lower profit rate ecommerce website with smaller customer base, slow loading time means loss of customers or getting less new customer.

(Survey source taken from: Kissmetrics)

What are the tips & tricks to get faster loading website:

  1. Any professional website development company will first check whether the speed issue lay or if there is any such speed issues start after developing the website.
  2. You can find so many online tools available in the internet to check the website speed.
  3. The images are the main reasons why any websites loads slowly. So, it would be next priority to optimize the website images to load faster.
  4. Another big thing that needs to be check is the plug-ins. During development of any website, it often happens that several plug-ins have been installed in the website. Mainly this happens when open source software like WordPress is being used or when additional libraries are used in PHP website. Plug-ins has the tendency to make the website loading time slower. So it would be good idea that if the plug-in or library is no longer required, then remove it from the website.

So, any professional website development company should keep an eye on the loading time for any website, mainly ecommerce based site which are totally depends on the visitors or customers. A good team of software developers has always the state of art facilities in its infrastructure to support in necessary activities where required. They should check every point and make the loading time faster of any website.

Choose OpenCart for Ecommerce Web Development

Thinking about something unconventional in the field of web development, OpenCart would be the right choice to be happening. OpenCart is going popular day by day with lots of added features that are really hard to ignore. It is easy to use interface and search engine friendly that can boost the visibility of your website. According to the experts, OpenCart solution can help any business to do wonders on the website.

Open Source Ecommerce solutions platform is not only easy to manage but also easy to handle and can be use by any administer those who are not tech savvy. Not only that, when it comes to develop the functionality of the platform, it certainly goes a long way. OpenCart website development services also provide free support and upgrades. Thus, so many ecommerce development companies across the globe prefer this tool.

It is based on PHP and MySQL database management system. It is fully loaded with some flawless features. There are so many other features which describe OpenCart as a great choice for website development services:

Full Responsive Design: You can create stunning and engaging online store with the help of OpenCart solution. You can get such online website store that will work seamlessly on all devices including desktop, mobile or tablet.

Spontaneous Dashboard: Dashboard for any web development tool is the main focus which shows the prime importance of your business. You can get access for different information like total sales, total orders, about online people and lot more. Through this solution, it is easier to interact with your system as compared to any other off the shelf eCommerce platform. OpenCart is very friendly ecommerce solution to build website. So, enjoy the hassle free web development services with the help of OpenCart Solutions.

MultiStore Support: OpenCart mainly comes with multi-store abilities, giving developers the power of managing multiple stores from one admin interface. Starting from setting the products that will appear on particular store to localizing every single store is a very easy way in OpenCart which you can do only by selecting different default languages or class or may be tax class too. You can do lot more with this amazing eCommerce website development solution to build and create stunning websites.

Automated Product Import: There are so many product management apps present for OpenCart which will help you to import product automatically without any waiting. With this Automated Product Import (Store manager’s add –on), you can schedule tasks and define the conditions including date, time which will run the import process smoothly and automatically. So, it is a great process to update your product catalogue comfortably.

You can find so many other OpenCart extensions with unique solutions for website development services which are mainly designed to simplify and automate your daily operations related to ecommerce product management. These will help you quickly manage the products, customers, manufacturers, categories, orders and many more things related to your business products.

Find Low Quality Content, Fine Tune it to make it more Qualitative

In the past few years many websites have noticed down fall in website performances. Google has released many updates like Panda, Penguin and others. All are important but most prioritized is Panda which emphasis more on website contents.

With the release of Panda update the world of internet has changed, Blogging and SEO has taken new curve quality is mattered a lot rather than quantity. Same as of earlier days SE robots index many pages, but today indexing tonnes of pages wont give your good results. Quality articles will help in achieving good results. Every search engines is willing to serve with the best, whether it is its own visitor or other websites visitors.

Search engines wish every user should be served with the best. If your website or blog post is containing any low quality content piece, you might get ranked lower in SERP. Many people have browsed search engines, forums and blogs to check fundamentals of low quality content. But there is no thumb rule or to identify thin content. Google as well as other Search Engines have started removing low or thin valued content that doesn’t serve perfect information to users.

Below are the points that are included in the list of low quality content.

  • Duplicate Content
  • Relevancy of Information
  • Grammar or Spelling Mistakes
  • Stuffing of Keywords or Promotions, Advertisements etc.

Apart from this one has to keep in mind about following things:

  • Perfect Keyword Researching.
  • Fixing Broken Links.
  • Number of Outbound Links.
  • Reporting Google about Copied Content.

Implementing the above facts will lead to better results, also you will come to know how SEO works, more over your website will recovered from panda updates too.

By implementing above facts website will be recovered from panda updates. This will result into better ranking, higher traffic, increase in number of conversion.

How to alter low quality contents:

In order to have good value for your website, reduce the number of pages with thin content. De-index thin content pages like categories or tag pages. Follow basic principles and commands to find less important pages.

Indexed Pages:
Find all indexed pages of the website. Using command site:domain.com, you can see all the indexed pages that google has in its index. Remove all unnecessary pages that don’t add value to users as well as search. Ask your developers to add robots plugin and restrict robots from indexing the pages. Take the help of google webmaster tools & remove extra indexed pages. This way you can remove useless pages from getting indexed in search engines.

Follow the url parameters described by google. Implement URL parameters defined by Google. It will give more weight-age and add value to your website.

Thin content with no traffic:
Use tracking tools to monitor traffic. Measure the traffic of website using available tools. I mostly prefer Google Analytic, most trusted and is free. Monitor the traffic and as which content is getting what number of traffic. Work on the pages that are receiving less visits then 10. You really have to work more efficiently as these pages reduces interest of users.

Content Duplication:
Content duplication issue is the most leading reason for website getting penalized. Duplicate content website is marked as penalized website. Before starting any SEO for any website one has to define its structure.

Blog piece with limited words:
With the recent updates extend your blog piece with more than 400-500 words. Develop a meaning full content that covers extract of the topic. Include proper keywords with outbound links in 200 words. I personally suggest your blog piece should be with 800 words.

Take help of google analytic’s check with content piece are making less visits. Check the visitors flow and bounce rate, optimize it for making it good number of traffic.

Broken links in content:
Imagine if you are browsing a website and links are not working. What you will do? Obviously one will move to other website. Same is thing will happen to your website’s visitors. Broken links are one of the most important factor for

What will do if you are browsing a website and some links are not working? Same thing is experienced by users landing to your website. No user is interested in waiting to load your website, remove the 404 errors from your website. This will add value to your blog or website. Before launch of a website analyse your website using broken links tool.

Google and other search engines have became more smarter. Search Engines never compromise with duplicate content. You will get many tools available in market for duplicate contents. Digg all the duplicated contents report it to Search Engines.

After finding thin contents you have to alter and improve it. Check if it is perfect, will it add value to your blog, Best way is to think as if you are the user and will it satisfy your query.

Content Removing:
Removing duplicate content is swiftest way to reduce drop in traffic. If you wish to alter the content then no index the blog post for time being. Permanent removing content can be done by no indexing the post. Other way is to hide the post by using robots.txt.

Updating Content:
For getting more traffic update your already written blog post. If needed add more words and detail the blog topic. Adding pictures, videos & info-graphics will add more value to your blog content.

Updating content does not mean overwhelming the information with keywords. Along with text add images, slides & videos to make it more informative. Along with quality content, never ignore on-page optimization this will add more weight-age.

Follow below points to get perfect results:

  • Create unique meta title & descriptions.
  • Add Google Webmaster code for getting suggestions and warnings.
  • Follow header tags hierarchy. Overwhelming of header tags will hurt your performance.
  • Don’t miss to add H1 tags.
  • Solve the SEO issues using authoritative tools for perfect SEO audit.
  • Generate sitemaps, send request to Google to revisit the website.
  • Make users like easy. Add social sharing buttons to make the post viral.
  • Create quality back-links. Content based back-links is one of the best way to get recognition.

Follow the same principle as and when you notice drop in traffic. This will re-divert the traffic.

Top SEO Tips To Future-Proof Your Site

Beth Rimmer presents her guide to getting into the Google mind-set, ensuring your site is future proof and ready for anything with her five top tips to future-proof your website

SEO is ever evolving and changing as time goes on. It is therefore important to try and understand Google’s mind to stay on top and future-proof your site. Read on for our top five tips for using great SEO to maintain a solid, stable website.

Create Genuinely Helpful Content Focused on Your Users

Ensure your content is well thought out, optimised for the right terms on the right pages, with an appropriate keyword density. Your content should be a mixture of evergreen and fresh – the perfect balance of stable landing pages that answer questions your customers will always ask and regular blog posts to show current news. Think about what your users are asking and searching for, especially those long-tail searches, and then make sure your content delivers the answers.

Remove Bad Links Pointing to Your Site and Focus on Great Quality Backlinks

detoxing your backlinks will make sure any potentially harmful links pointing to your site are removed and no longer a threat. Any links to your site should follow Google’s guidelines, so analysing them every few months and removing bad links will help to protect your site against algorithm updates and penalties.

Keep on Top of Technical Issues

Follow Google’s Search Console guidelines and make sure your site is functioning at its best, at all times. Keep your site clean, easy to navigate, minimize errors, and avoid internal broken links and linking to pages with redirects. Monitor page speed, any slow pages should be misanalysed and optimised to be quicker. Avoid using loopholes, for example doorway pages, cloaking or keyword stuffing – as these all go against Google’s guidelines. Keep your site healthy and functioning correctly.

Pay Attention to Mobile

With Google now enforcing a mobile algorithm and labelling sites as ‘mobile friendly’ in search results, it is now more important than ever to make sure your site has either responsive design or a mobile site. Track your mobile rankings and any mobile errors are highlighted in Google Search Console. Keep on top of both to make sure your mobile site is working as efficiently as possible.

Don’t Forget About Your Local SEO

This is especially important if your business has local branches or stores. Your customers need to know where they can visit you in store. Without great local SEO, it will be difficult to drive traffic through local search. Create well-optimized landing pages for your branches with all the information your customers need. To make your local SEO stronger, create a Google Places listing for each branch and get it validated – it will be much easier for your customers to find you. You can even list your branches on local listings websites; this will help with backlinks too!


How to Boost Conversion Rate of Your Website in 7 Simple Steps

So you have been working really hard for the last few weeks in the hope that your website will start converting more visitors. Just like any other small business owners, you have invested heavily on the design and development of the website and you invested considerable amount of money and time to run a solid online marketing campaign. But at the end of the day, you see no uptick in the conversion rate of your website. This is disappointing to say the least.
So, what went wrong? You have no clue whatsoever right? Well, probably you have made some silly mistakes and this could be the reason behind this abysmal outcome.

Here in this article, we are going to offer you some tips that can help you see higher conversion rate –

Don’t Make Tall Promises
You should not making promises that you are not going to fulfill. This will only mar your online reputation. Use of superlative words like – ‘The Best Service Provider in the World’ does not make any sense and this will not going to impress any visitors. Rather than making tall promises, you should be writing down the actual facts and figures that you think will impress the viewers.

Call To Action
Your Call to Action button should be placed prominently on the landing page otherwise people might going to miss out on it and also make sure that you are using different color scheme for it. Use of bright color for CTA button might help you capture the attention of the audience. Make sure you are not using multiple CTA buttons unless it is absolutely necessary. Use of multiple Call to Action buttons will only confuse the visitors.

Use Proper Words against the CTA Buttons
Before people click on a button, they would like to know what this button actually does. So, please don’t use some vague word like – ‘Submit’ or ‘Click Here’ because that does not explain what the button actually does. For example, if you are asking people to go to Contact Us page, you should use the following words in the itself – ‘reach us’ / ‘contact us’.

Don’t Give too Many Options
Contrary to what you believe, too many options usually confuse the visitors. For example, if you have added too many Plans in the Pricing page, it is not going to help them make a quick choice rather it is going to confuse them. And they might end up leaving the page undecided. So, limit the number of options to three to make it easier for people to make a choice.

Loading Time
You website should not taking too long time to get loaded because these days people don’t have that much time to wait for a web page to open. Don’t test their patience because if your website takes really long time to get loaded, they will just leave the website and you will see a steady decline in the number of conversion. For example, Invesp website has employed all of the followings in order to reduce the loading time of the website –

  • Compress images
  • Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS
  • Reduce server response time
  • Minify HTML
  • Leverage browser caching
  • Prioritize visible content
  • Enable compression

Make the Visitors Feel Safe
There are probably hundreds of websites out there offering the same service like yours. So, why do you think people should be opting for your product or service in the first place? Well, you need to assure them that your product is the best one available. And also try to make them feel safe on your website and this can be done by embracing Https protocol and also by adding some certificates like – Geotrust, Thawte or Verisign on the website prominently.

Do A/B Test of Landing Pages
Just because the landing pages of your website are converting some people on a regular basis, you should not be shying away from making changes in it. However, you should not make any permanent changes in it without doing an A/B testing. You just need to create multiple versions of a landing pages and serve them simultaneously to the visitors for some time. Based on the outcome, you should be making changes in the landing page to see higher conversion rate.

So, these are some website conversion tips that you should be giving a try to convert more visitors.