Why Loading Time is Vital Point for Ecommerce Website Development?

It is essential to take care of the page loading time of any website. The Page loading time for any website including ecommerce site needs to be as low as possible because user experience depends on the loading time. Any website must have all the features to engage visitors on it. But, if the website becomes slow to load, then all the fancy appealing will fail to attract visitors towards the website. According to the statistical report, any visitor would not stay more than 3 minutes on a slow website. So, overall a slow loading website means you will get bad user experience as well as lower Search Engine ranking.

There are so many important things that depend on the loading time of the website which need to be thoroughly checked by any professional website development company:

  1. If the website is not properly designed and developed as a responsive way, then mobile users may face the problems. According to research, 73% of Mobile internet users face slow loading website issues on their mobile devices.
  2. 51% mobile users face problem due to non responsive website, loading time error while surfing the website.
  3. Maximum website visitors not have too much patience to wait until the website load properly. Survey shows that approximately 3% visitors not even wait more than 1 second, while 15% can wait up to 20 second and 30% can wait up to 10 second.
  4. 11% of the visitors say that website loading time is slower in a mobile device as compare to desktop computer.
  5. For such ecommerce website which has high profit rates daily like 100000 per day, slow loading time for those sites could mean high potential loss of 2.5 million.
  6. Even, for lower profit rate ecommerce website with smaller customer base, slow loading time means loss of customers or getting less new customer.

(Survey source taken from: Kissmetrics)

What are the tips & tricks to get faster loading website:

  1. Any professional website development company will first check whether the speed issue lay or if there is any such speed issues start after developing the website.
  2. You can find so many online tools available in the internet to check the website speed.
  3. The images are the main reasons why any websites loads slowly. So, it would be next priority to optimize the website images to load faster.
  4. Another big thing that needs to be check is the plug-ins. During development of any website, it often happens that several plug-ins have been installed in the website. Mainly this happens when open source software like WordPress is being used or when additional libraries are used in PHP website. Plug-ins has the tendency to make the website loading time slower. So it would be good idea that if the plug-in or library is no longer required, then remove it from the website.

So, any professional website development company should keep an eye on the loading time for any website, mainly ecommerce based site which are totally depends on the visitors or customers. A good team of software developers has always the state of art facilities in its infrastructure to support in necessary activities where required. They should check every point and make the loading time faster of any website.

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